Zoom Nutrition Check In with Coach Charlotte

Zoom Nutrition Check In with Coach Charlotte


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What is a Nutrition Check-In?

Check-Ins are 30 minute zoom calls, in which we discuss you - current age, lifestyle, diet, and exercise history etc - and your goal.

Then we discuss in detail, whether your current nutrition; the way you are fuelling your body, is going to help you achieve your goal in a healthy and sustainable way.

So many women have been raised by diet culture and think a lot of what they have been conditioned to believe, is the best way to achieve their goal(s).

9 times out of 10 any results achieved from this way of thinking, will be very short lived and can actually do more damage than good, long term.

My goal is to help you achieve your goal in the healthiest possible way.

To support your body efficiently through your Strength Training and to also enable optimal recovery and growth.

Meaning, any results achieved will stay with you long-term and you will be able to maintain them in a much more realistic way.

Once you sign up I will contact you immediately and we will schedule our call.

I know this will be one of the best investments you make in your nutrition and health.

I look forward to chatting with you!