30 Day Kettlebell Challenge


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30 Day Kettlebell Fat Loss Challenge

Starting Jan 15th!

Are You IN?

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🚀 Welcome to the kickoff of a life-lasting journey with Kettlebells! Our 30-Day Challenge is not just a temporary fix – it's the launchpad for a sustained transformation. Embrace the kettlebell as your lifelong companion in fitness, and let's embark on a journey that extends far beyond the next 30 days.

💪 Beyond fat loss, these kettlebell workouts are the foundation of enduring strength, agility, and resilience. This isn't just about a month; it's about building a sustainable, healthy lifestyle that lasts a lifetime.

🍃 Alongside the 3-5 weekly workouts, our nutritional guide is a roadmap to nourish your body for the long haul. It's not a diet; it's a sustainable way of eating that complements your kettlebell journey.

👥 And those optional live sessions? They're not just about the next 30 days – they're a chance to connect with a community that supports you in your ongoing fitness evolution.

Get ready to transform not just for a month, but for a lifetime. The kettlebell is your partner in this journey – are you ready for a lasting change? 🔥

Join us now & let’s get ready to get amazing results & have some FUN doing it!

Challenge Details

=> We Start Jan 15th!  <=

When you join our Challenge this is what you get:
  • 30 Day Challenge workout program .pdf

  • 3-5 weekly workouts: Lay the foundation for strength, endurance, mobility and resilience.

  • Nutrition guide: A roadmap to nourish your body for the long haul. 

  • Facebook Group: To connect with a supportive and motivating fitness community, fostering accountability. 

  • 2 optional live Zoom sessions: To get the help you you need from your Coaches through your journey.

  • 1 Free Week of the WWLW App:  Track your progress, view videos of the workout, track your food, progress pics and more!

  • 3 Free E-books from Coach Rob & Coach Aphrodite 

Meet Your Coaches 

Coach Aphrodite 

Aphrodite Steel, 42 Mother of 2.
Located in Greece.
Strength Coach | Educator | Workshops 
StrongFirst Certified Instructor SFG, SFL, SFB
Flexible Steel L1 Instructor
Animal Movement L2 Coach
Body Recomposition Certified

Coach Rob 

Robert King, 49, Newfoundland Canada.
Owner and Founder of Women Who Lift Weights.
StrongFirst Certified Instructor SFG, SFL.
5X Team Canada PowerLifting Coach
IPF PowerLifting World Champion

*FAQs for the 30-Day Kettlebell Challenge:

Q: Do I need multiple kettlebells for the challenge?*

A: No, one kettlebell is sufficient. The workouts are designed to be adaptable to your equipment availability.

Q: How many workouts are there per week?*

A: You'll have 3-5 engaging workouts each week, offering flexibility to fit your schedule.

Q: Is the nutritional guide restrictive?*

A: Not at all. Our guide focuses on sustainable eating habits to complement your kettlebell journey without strict limitations.

Q: How long are the workouts?*

A: The workouts typically range from 30 to 60 minutes, providing a dynamic and efficient exercise routine.

Q: Are the live Zoom sessions mandatory?*

A: No, they're optional. Join for added motivation and community connection, but the challenge is designed to accommodate different schedules.

Q: Can beginners participate?*

A: Absolutely! The challenge is tailored for all fitness levels, providing gradual progressions for beginners and more intense options for seasoned enthusiasts.

Q: Can I do these workouts anywhere?*

A: Yes! The beauty of the challenge is its flexibility. Whether at home, in the park, or at the gym, you can complete the workouts anywhere with just one kettlebell.

Q: How do I stay accountable throughout the challenge?*

A: Connect with our community! Engage in optional live sessions, share your progress, and find support from fellow participants.

Q: What if I miss a workout?*

A: Life happens! Pick up where you left off or jump into the next session. Flexibility is key in this journey.

Q: Can I continue these workouts after the 30 days?*

A: Definitely! The challenge serves as a launchpad for a lifelong partnership with kettlebell workouts, promoting sustained fitness and well-being.

Q: Can I participate if I'm already following another fitness program?

A: Certainly! The challenge is designed to complement various fitness routines. You can incorporate our kettlebell workouts seamlessly into your existing program for added diversity and benefits.