Online Coaching with Coach Rob - (Monthly Programming)


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Thanks for your interest in my Online Coaching.  

I love helping women get STRONG(ER).

I offer PowerLifting Coaching & Strength Training Coaching.

Let me help you when it comes to program design, improving your technique and strength and much more.

  • Customized Programming based on your goals, training equipment, history and more.
  • Access to our WWLW App for program, tracking metrics, demo videos and more
  • Online Support for Questions etc.

How It Works:
Step 1 - Sign up for coaching
Step 2 - Once you join I will connect ASAP
Step 3 - We will have a chat to discuss your Goals and Training etc.
Step 4 - I will design a customized program for you and help you every way you need.
Step 5 -  You get amazing results :)

Please note my coaching is strength and performance based.  I can help with nutrition as well, but I do not offer meal plans etc.  

I can coach you at any level.  It doesn't matter if you are new to lifting or an advanced experienced lifter.  Once we chat and discuss your goals I know I can help you.


About Coach Rob

I am the owner and creator of Women Who Lift Weights. For 10 years, I have owned and operated Heavy Weights Training. Now, I own a small studio called Heavy Weights Barbell Club
. A club focused on Strength Training, Powerlifting, and Body Transforma- tion. Most of my clients consisted of women.

I have a diverse background regarding coaching.   I have coached all levels of PowerLifting from Novice lifters all the way to World Champions.  

5X Team Canada Coach

  • 2019 Bench Worlds - Japan (Assistant Coach)
  • 2019 NAPF PowerLifting Championships - Costa Rica (Head Coach)
  • 2020 Masters Worlds- South Africa (Head Coach)
  • 2020 Open Worlds - Dubai (Head Coach)
  • 2023 NAPF Bench Championships - Mexico City (Head Coach) 

PowerLifting Competition Experience

  • 2022 IPF Masters Equipped World PowerLifting Champion
  • 9X Worlds Medalist
  • 3X CommonWealth Champion
  • 10X National Champion
  • CommonWealth Deadlift Record 
  • National Squat Record

I have competed in over 50+ PowerLifting Competitions.
I have competed 25+ times for Team Canada

*Please note that my online coaching is a 3 month minimum.  Coaching is ongoing mostly.  You can cancel anytime after the 3 month period, but I know once you work with me you will love it.