Women's Strength Training Guide - Digital Version


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The Ultimate Strength Training Guide For Women.

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Learn how to lift weights with proper form and technique. Lose fat, build muscle, get stronger and transform your body with strength training. In this book it is my goal to empower and educate you on strength training. Improve confidence in your training and in your life.

It doesn't matter if you train at home or in a gym, this book will give you the tools and knowledge to feel confident about lifting and strength. If you are new to lifting weights or very experienced, this book will help you improve your strength, technique and knowledge of lifting weights, guaranteed. Here's what you get in this book: •

An explanation of why women should strength train and lift weights

•Detailed explanations of the barbell, kettlebell and dumbbell, along with exercise descriptions

• Myths of women's strength training

• How women should train differently from men

• 7 bonus workout programs

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