Learn To Lift - The Deadlift For Women - With Coach Robert King


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Learn To Lift - The Deadlift      

By Coach Robert King

Learn To Lift - The Deadlift is a 60 minute teaching course by Coach Robert King (IPF Masters World Champion & 4X Team Canada PowerLifting Coach).

The Lifter = This course is designed for people who want to Learn How to Deadlift safely with perfect form, technique and Lift Weights (and hopefully Heavier Weights :). 

The Couch = As well If you are a Coach or Trainer this is a GREAT RESOURCE to improve your knowledge of Strength and Deadlifts and to help your clients become Stronger and Safer.

The Athlete = If you are a performance or strength athlete and you want to develop more power and strength, a strong and powerful deadlift goes a long way.

The PowerLifter = Let's be honest, if you are a competitive PowerLifter a Strong Deadlift is an Ace up the Sleeve Competition Day.  Boost your Deadlift Technique, Cues, Tips and of course your TOTAL.

Deadlift Problems I Hear & Read All The Time:

  • I am Afraid of Doing Deadlifts

  • I am Brand New & Have Never Deadlifted Before

  • I am Afraid I Will Deadlift Incorrectly & Get Hurt

  • I Am Fearful I Will "Blow Out My Back" or Hurt My Lower Back

  • I have Never Had Anyone Show Me How To Deadlift, Ever.

  • I Am Intimidated By The Barbell & Deadlifts

  • I Am Stuck at  Plateau And The Weights Aren't Moving, They Are Getting Going Down...

I Have A Fair Bit of Experience, But I Have Not Been Taught By a Certified or High Level PowerLifting Coach Before.

Don't Worry, You Are in Good Hands With Coach Rob and the Learn To Lift - The Deadlift Course For Women.

Here Are Some Clips From The Deadlift Course.

    60 Minutes of Coaching Content broken down in smaller easier to implement videos.

    18 Videos in Total.


    Learn To Lift - The Deadlift Videos

    1. The Hinge

    2. The Set Up

    3. The Wedge 

    4. 4 Types Of Grip For Sumo Deadlifts (No Need To Record This Twice)

    5. Hand Positioning For Sumo

    6. Breathing 

    7. Bracing & Tension 

    8. The Lift - 

    9. Head & Eye Position 

    10. Review & Deadlift From Different Angles

    5 Common Mistakes in The Deadlift & How To Fix Them

         Video #1 - Picking The Weight Off The Floor 

         Video #2 - Rushing Your Set Up     

         Video #3 - Poor Start Position

         Video #4 - Lockout Mistakes

         Video #5 - Lack Of Patience

    Bonus Video #1: Mental Aspects Of The Sumo Deadlift

    Bonus Video #2: The Major Differences Between Sumo & Conventional

    Bonus Video #3 : The Best Footwear For Deadlifts


    Coach Rob is an IPF Masters World Champion, 9 X's Worlds Medalist and 4 X Team Canada Coach (3X Head Coach (South Africa, Costa Rica and Dubai),  1X Assistant Coach (Japan).

    Coach Rob has take the deadlift and broken it down in an easy to follow step by step progression that is easy to follow and easy to implement

    It doesn't matter if you are brand new to deadlifting, or if you have deadlift experciene and even if you are a competitor.

    Coach Rob's knowledge and training tips will take your deadlift to the next level.

    About Coach Rob King

    I am an entrepreneur, writer, and coach. My current project has been focused on creating and developing an online community for women called Women Who Lift Weights.

    For the past 10 years I have owned and operated Heavy Weights Training Center, a gym focused on Strength Training, Powerlifting, and Body Transformation. Most of my clients consisted of women.


    I have a remarkably diverse background with regards to coaching. I was a team Canada Head Coach for the 2019 Masters Equipped World Championship that took place in South Africa, the 2019 IPF World Open Championships in UAE Dubai, and the 2019 North American PowerLifting Federation Championships in Costa Rica. I was also assistant coach for Team Canada at the 2019 World Bench Press Championships that took place in Tokyo, Japan.

    I have coached thousands of people from varying sports and fitness levels.  My major focus has been Women’s Fitness and Bikini; Recently I have put more of my attention on Powerlifting and strength training.

    I have had the pleasure of writing for some of the top fitness websites and magazines in the world.  Some of the magazines include Strong Fitness Magazine, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Inside Fitness, Muscle Insider, The PTDC, and Elite FTS. BigBenchas.com, T-Nation.com, and Schwarzenegger.com are just a few of the websites.

    I have a diverse background in Strength Sports, Martial Arts, Bodybuilding, Weightlifting, and Powerlifting. Currently, my focus has been competitive Powerlifting. I have competed in more than 50 powerlifting competitions and was selected to represent Team Canada 13 times.

    My best accomplishments on the Platform are:

    • 5-time World Medalist
    • 3-time Commonwealth Champion
    • 5-time NAPF (North American Powerlifting Champion)
    • Pan Am Champion
    • Commonwealth Deadlift Record Holder & National Record holder
    • Multiple Time Canadian National Champion.


    In June of 2018 I had a total hip replacement.  A year and a half later in October 2019 I competed at the IPF Equipped Masters Worlds Championship in South Africa where I was also the Head Coach for Team Canada.  I took home 3 Worlds Medals that included a bronze in squat, bronze in deadlift, and Bronze for overall.  It was a lifetime achievement to get on the Worlds Overall Podium.


     My Certifications include:

    • Strong First SFG & SFL
    • Training For Warriors TWF Level 1 & 2
    • Poliquin Bio Signature 1 & 2
    • CPPS
    • Certified Weightlifting Coach
    • Voted Personal Trainer of The Year in 2014 in Orange County California.

    Black Belt in WTF Tae Kwon Do.