3 Effective Tips for Stir The Pot

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3 Tips for Swiss Ball Stir The Pot

By @CoachRobertKing
Stir the Pot is an excellent core/trunk exercise which has big carry over to lifting and life.

Here are 3 "Stir The Pot" tips that can help:

1. Have A Strong Start Position
2. Brace Your Whole Trunk 
3. Try To Move Only Through The Shoulders

Let's break these Stir The Pot tips down a bit.

1. Have A Strong Start Position
Get your elbows deep in the center of the ball and try using a "Gable Grip" with hands cupped together.
Try to get your elbows under your shoulders.
Have your feet wide (not close).

2. Brace Your Whole Trunk 
Brace everything.  Lock up your whole body from your feet all the way to your traps.  Brace everything and turn to stone.  But create only enough tension so you can still react, without movement.

3. Try To Move Through The Shoulders Only
Lock in your trunk/body and only try to move through your shoulders.
Make one slow circle in one direction, come back to neutral, then a slow circle in the other direction.  Try to not move your legs/hips/upper body.

Pretend there is a glass with water on your lower back and you do not want it to move (not easy).

Give it a try and I hope these tips help you.

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