10 Tips To Improve Your Kettlebell Swing

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10 Tips To Improve Your Kettlebell Swing

1. At the top of the swing, don’t tuck your chin. Keep your neck neutral.

2. At the top of the swing, maintain a relaxed grip and “feel the float.” Do not over grip the bell.

3. In between sets, perform some fast and loose drill. This will help with relaxation and improve blood circulation.

4. Use enough power to swing the bell with speed and control. No more, no less. This is also call efficiency.

5. Remember that the hips do the majority of the work. The arms guide the bell to the desired endpoint ( swing, clean, snatch )

6. Over speed eccentrics are nice but not for beginners. Trust me on this.

7. Finish the swing by extending your hips and not via snapping your knees back.

8. The best way to dial in your swing mechanics is via the kettlebell deadlift.

9. A simple guideline for skill development is to add more sets with less reps. This way you can accumulate volume with less fatigue. 10×5 is much better than 2×25 when it comes to skill development.

10. Stop trying to swing bells that are too heavy for you. Control the bell, don’t react to it.

I hope you found this 10 Kettlebell swing tips to be helpful.

Take 1-2 and practice them until they are natural, then take another one to practice.

Repeat this process, often.

Think of Kettlebell Swings as training and practice, improve your skills.

Check this video where I go into the Kettlebell Swing in more detai.

Coach Rob

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