3 Step Bench Press Set Up

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3 Step Bench Press Set Up

By Coach Robert King

The next time you bench press I want you to try this simple but effective 3 step bench press set up.

Always a remember a strong set up leads to a strong lift.

Be sure to treat your set up like it’s your first rep.

When you bench press I want you to think of these 3 steps.

1.  Set Your Shoulders

This is critical for a strong and safe bench press.

Start a little far away from the barbell.  Dig your shoulders into the bench and slightly push your body towards the barbell with your legs.  You want to make your shoulders dig into the bench press pad.

This will improve shoulder stability and give you a strong base for bench pressing.

2. Set Your Feet

Once your shoulders are dug into the bench press pad then focus on setting your feet. You should only need a small adjustment here but it’s important.

Dig your feet hard into the floor and set them as solid posts.  You don’t want to ever move your feet on bench press.  The harder you dig your feet in the better stability and base you will have.

3. Set Your Hands

While you can grip the bar during the setup process don’t grip the bar tightly.  Only do this after you have set your shoulders and then your feet.

Before you take out the barbell or get a lift off be sure to grip the bar tightly.  The stronger you grip the bar the more tension and irradiation you will create.  This is essential for a strong and safe bench press.

Next time you bench press go through these 3 steps and practice.

I hope it helps you and if it does please let me know!

Coach Rob

Coach Rob is a PowerLifting  IPF  World Champion, 9X Worlds Medalist, 5X Team Canada Coach and the owner of Women Who Lift Weights & Heavy Weights Barbell Club.


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