2 Reasons Why I Don't Recommend Bands for Pull Ups & Chin Ups

Posted by Robert King on

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Should you use bands when trying to do pull ups and chin ups?

I see this a lot, and while it's not a bad thing to do, it's not very effective and actually may hinder your results and progress.

Here are 2 reasons why I don't like bands for pull ups and chin ups.

1. Bands Mess With The Natural Strength Curve

Let me explain.

If you do pull up and chin ups with a band the band will give you a lot of assistance at the bottom and less resistance as you get to the top.

But I want you to think for a second.  Where do most women struggle when it comes to pull ups and chin ups?

At the bottom.

The band will give you lots of assistance at the bottom and very little at the top you are not developing this common area of weakness in pull ups and chin ups.

Generally the bottom is where most women need strength, bands are not a great option for this.

#2. Bands Don't Allow You To Control Your Full Body In Space (Especially Your Lower Body)

Pull Ups & Chin Ups are not "upper body" exercises.  

When done properly they are FULL BODY exercises that have a focus on upper body.

As well most women carry much of their weight in their lower body.

This must be considered when doing pull ups and chin ups.

You need to learn to use your FULL BODY to generate strength for a pull up or chin up.

As well you need to learn to create full body tension.  Resting and putting your feet on the band gives your legs/feet support which reduces your ability to create full body tension and to get your lower body, legs, hips, glutes into your pull ups and chin ups.

Watch this video where I explain in more detail why bands aren't a great option for women wanting to do pull ups and chin ups.

I hope this article and video helps your pull ups and if it does please comment and share and thank you!

Coach Rob

Coach Rob is a Power Lifting  IPF  World Champion, 9X Worlds Medalist, 5X Team Canada Coach and the owner of Women Who Lift Weights & Heavy Weights Barbell Club.

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