3 Simple Tips For Beginner Box Jumps

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I post a lot of videos showcasing my female athletes and their impressive box jumps. However, many women are initially fearful of attempting box jumps. This exercise can be challenging at first, requiring as much mental fortitude as physical ability. But once you master the technique and build confidence, box jumps often become a favorite.

At the end of each class, I ask my athletes what their favorite part of the workout was. Those who struggle with or fear jumps rarely mention box jumps. However, once they improve their technique and confidence, box jumps often top their list.

For women new to box jumps, I use a simple three-step progression:

Beginner Box Jump 3-Step Progression

1. Learn to Relax

Relaxation is crucial when jumping. If you're stiff and tense, things can go wrong. Learn to relax your body—stiffness is great for deadlifts but not for jumps. If you find yourself making fists with your hands or feeling rigid, consciously try to relax.

2. Learn to Land Before You Jump

A successful box jump begins with a proper landing, not the jump itself. Many women don't land correctly. The easiest way to practice landing is by stepping off a box and focusing on landing softly, absorbing your weight with your legs. Aim to land gently and absorb impact, rather than landing hard.

Building a strong foundation is essential before you jump. If you lack the strength to handle the landing, you'll encounter problems. A solid base of strength and mobility is crucial. Exercises like trap bar deadlifts, barbell deadlifts, and goblet squats help prepare your body for box jumps. Ensure you have strong legs and hips before you start jumping.

3. Practice with a Low Box & Be Patient

Many women feel embarrassed jumping onto a low box or frustrated by perceived slow progress. Patience is key, just as it is with lifting weights. Perfect form and technique are paramount from your first jump to your last. It's better to jump perfectly onto a 6” box than to jump incorrectly onto a 12” box.

Practice with perfect form, be patient, and focus on gradual improvement. My goal for my female athletes is to never miss a jump, similar to not missing a lift.

Additional Tips for Box Jumps

- Safety First: Focus on technique rather than height. The height is less important than maintaining good form.

- Land Softly and Step Down: Avoid jumping down from the box after jumping up.

- Use Soft Boxes: Whenever possible, use soft boxes. I strongly dislike wooden and metal boxes as they can cause injuries even for experienced jumpers.

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Coach Rob

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