How To Engage Your Lats When Doing A Deadlift

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**How to Engage Your Lats in the Deadlift**

One of our WWLW Facebook Group members asked, “How can I engage my lats in the deadlift?”

I’ve seen many women at my gym struggle with this as well. The lats are the second biggest muscle group in the body, behind the glutes. Engaging your lats is critical for a strong deadlift and protecting your lower back.

Here are a few techniques and cues to help you visualize and engage your lats:

1. **Squeeze Your Armpits**: Think about closing off your armpits as if you’re trying to hold something in them. This simple cue can help activate your lats.

2. **Tickle Defense**: Imagine someone is about to tickle your armpits and you’re trying to prevent it. It might sound funny, but it’s an effective way to engage your lats.

Watch this video where I explain how to engage your lats during a deadlift.

Give these tips a try and let me know if they help you.

Coach Rob

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